One year for Saahasam @ Alturpadu


“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort.... Their enthusiasm is inspiring us to create new paths and to open new doors....."

Its really exciting moment for Saahasam trust to announce....This is our road map of 2017 academic year for Alturpadu government school, Nellore. #Phase2 and #AnnualDay function .

This year we are going to start with a #Free_Educational_Program in this summer to build good basics for students. After this we are going to enable one more program called "#Student_Merit_Scholorship" program to improve competitive spirit among the students....Still so many programs are come in future...Will update you soon...

we would like to thank alturpadu local saahasam team Muni Krishna, Muniprasad Kaligiri and team for their warm welcome. Thank to Parents,Teachers and Nellore Saahasam Trust team members Siva Koti Boddu and Keerthi Priya for their support towards Saahasam.



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