Administration Team


                       Priya Dhasarath

                        (Administrator of Sahasam)


                    Eswara Rao M


Role of Administration

1. To maintain the financial record of the trust and to collect the funds every month. Provide the funds and expenditure details to the financier.

2. To Keep in track of each trustees enrollment details and as well funds details.

3. To maintain the record of all the trustees and provide the SAHASAM ID card to all the team members.

4. Admin must arrange core committee team sync up and update the financial details to core committee member every month.

5. To Develop an appropriate assets management strategy.

6. To develop administrative procedures.

7. To plan and control administrative budget.

Role of Financier

1. The financier as to keep the details of funds collected every month.

2. To maintain the record of expenditure made on each school every month.

3. To maintain bank transfer statements for funds collected and expenditure made.

Recognitions of Administration Team

Ms.Priya Dhasarath received "SAAHASIYAN 2019 Award" for amazing job in financial analysis and great efforts in administration