Sahasam PRO Team


      Siva koti Boddu

 ( Sahasam PRO & 

NELLORE Coordinator)



                                           ( Sahasam PRO Team )

Role of Public Relation Officer

                                              Public relation officer is a very sensitive role who will communicate with the parents and students about their education. We have found that struggling students are often glad of the chance to have an experienced tutor who has expert knowledge of a particular subject, as well as patience and understanding. However, this is not to imply that the teacher or school is at fault. The main intention of our Sahasam team is to provide the quality of education to the children by conducting tuitions in remote villages to explore the children’s talent. Our Sahasam team will communicate with the parents to explain about the tuitions which will helpful to their children and who really need it.            

         Our Sahasam team will appoint the tutor who has minimum degree qualification in remote villages. Our tutors will be selected from their native place because the tutors can give personalized attention, understand how they learn and explore the best way to explain difficult topics to them. We will guide the tutors to make their students feel at ease, are flexible, adaptable and know how to get the very best out of their students. Tutor will be payed with the contribution of parents and our Sahasam team. The reason is to collect the amount from the parents that it makes them to feel the responsibilities on their children to send them to tuition on a regular basis and they have a right to ask tutor for not teaching properly and for not conducting tuition daily. Also, every parent can afford these tuitions are no longer free and some charges with very less rates.


1. Our PRO will assign the tutors in every village.

2. PRO will be maintained the information of tutors and students.

3. PRO will be in contact with our Sahasam local team about Tutors presence.

4. First, PRO will take feedback from the tutors, whether the students are coming regularly to tuition or not.

5. If the students are not attending, our PRO will speak with the parents and remind their responsibilities of encouraging their children to send to the tuition.

6. And also, we will take feedback from the parents whether the children’s are able to understand properly or not and how the tuitions are going on.

7. We will take feedback from the students that how the tutor is teaching properly or not.

8. We will speak with the students to check their learning capabilities by asking some basic questions in live classes.

9. If the student does not answer properly then we will guide the tutor to teach in a best ways which make the students understand easily.

10. Every month PRO will collect the details of: 1)School Name 2)Tutor Name 3)Status 4) No. of Students


1.Our tutor should start with the basics of all subjects and teach the students in an understandable manner with many practical examples.

2.Tutor has to keep the students motivated and interested and ensures that the topics are taught within a certain time so that all subjects have been effectively covered.

3.Tutor must help students with subject knowledge, confidence, and time management.

4.Tutor can teach them useful study and assist students with exam techniques.

5.Tutor should make the tuition as a friendly environment.

Programmes under PRO:

1.Gamyam :

It is a career guidance programme designed for rural students to guide the students in choosing career options after 10th class..

For more details :

2. Ahvaanam:

To motivate the parents in villages Saahasam started a program called #Ahvaanam. A School campaigning programme to increase the Strength In Government schools..

For more details :


So, if we really want to change the whole situation, we have to change ourselves. If possible and if parents are capable, give time to your kids and help them in studies to make their life bright fully.



Mr.Siva koti Boddu received "SAAHASIYAN 2019 Award" for admirable efforts in fund raising and strengthening of sahasam