Now a days, education had become business and private sectors have monopoly in most places. But, why and how did this happen?. This is is not because of quality of education in government schools but it had more to do with the facilities and conditions, where some schools doesn't even have basic amenities, especially in rural areas.

According to a recent survey, only 9% of the government schools have all the facilities. They claim, some students do not know what they learn and some of them do not even know how to write or read. The most sad thing about this is the dropouts rate of students that is increasing day-by-day.

In country like India, not everybody can afford the sky high fee in private schools. These students do not have an option but to chose a Government School or turn to illegal activities like child labor. A recent survey states, it is because of parents who couldn't afford the fees, students are forced to work and earn. And some government schools getting closed due to lack of funds and infrastructure is not helping the cause.

Schooling is essential in shaping ones skills and personalities. Right to Education is a child's birthright and as a citizen we should ensure that no child suffer due to lack of education. By our trust, we want to reopen the Government schools that are closed due to lack of facilities and we want to provide good facilities to those schools, which help the schools deliver high quality education.



To provide quality of Education for primary school Children by adopting Government Schools in remote Villages. To reopen already closed government schools and to ensure about to closed school will not be closed.


Visit, Analyse, Improve . First we visit the Schools, analyze their needs and improve the schools by providing their basic amenities and quality education. To expand the foundation all over INDIA for better future of rural government school students.


During one of his visits to native (chandhuluru, Vizianagaram), ganesh (founder) got to know that school he studied, closed due to lack of students strength and basic amenities. Inspite of long struggle and discussion with M.P.P, M.E.O, M.L.A and D.E.O , school didn't reopen. That's when GANESH decided that no school will close due to lack of students strength and facilities and started the "SAHASAM TRUST " Non-Government Organization

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