Development Phases of J.A.Puram school, Nellore


Phase-3 : Development

"We dare to be powerful, to use our strength in the service of our vision.."

we have completed #1stDevPhase at j.a puram and delivered all primary needs to our students like I.D. cards, T-shirts, bags, shoes,ties,belts, books,pens, pencils, slates.... etc.. and mainly tutor...

we would like to thank our j.a.puram coordinator Ranjith Kumar and local Saahasam team members Nakka Prasad and Annam venu for thier great efforts. Our sincere thanks to Saahasam PRO and Nellore coordinator Siva Koti Boddu and Muniprasad for their support


Phase-2 : Analyse the needs

Vision without action is merely a dream. Vision with action can change the world. ....

Joined with #J_A_Puram,Nellore saahasam team. On 2nd April 2017, we have completed #Phase2 at our adopted school. Parents and school management requested some of needs which are required for students. We are going to provide all needs which are raised by parents.
Had a great time with all children's and parents.
Thanks to parents,our local saahasam team and saahasam coordinator Ranjith Kumar and siva koti Boddu for their support towards Saahasam Trust.


Phase-1 : Visit and Interact

Have you seen a #Remote_Village....??? First time #saahasam has visited a Trible village which is so far from city 13km even they don't have bus or auto facility nothing ...really hats off to #Govrnement_Teachers of this school ....
It's completely backward village #Trible_Village called #J_A_Puram .. in #Nellore...

This is our 7th school...Yes Saahasam Trust adopted this school....Really today I felt very happy to see all these people ....
I would like to thank J.A.Puram saahasam organizer Ranjith Kumar , Siva Koti Boddu and school management and parents....

#HopeForTheBest #DareEnoughToServe



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