Development Phases of Timmayyapalem, Nellore


Phase-3 : Development

Saahasam @ Nellore #Phase_3 we got an amazing response from nellore district with #Big_Banners like welcome to Saahasam Trust ..Really first time we got this much great response from people .....multiple meetings had happened... with villagers,teachers,and parents . Finally all needs are delivered to timmayi palem nellore. On this occasion we have given from basic needs to everything....Like from ID Card to T-Shirts every thing with #Tutor's time to develop .now ....We would like to thank all teachers,parents,villagers and everyone ...mainly we would like to thank my friend nellore saahasam coordinator Siva Koti Boddu and Local saahasam team of Timmayipalem for making this event grand success ....We hope your best wishes with our kids ...

#HopeForTheBest #DareEnoughToServe #Phase_3


Phase-2 : Analyse the needs

we have completed #Phase2 at our adopted school. Parents and school management requested some of needs which are required for students. We are going to provide all needs which are raised by parents.
Had a great time with all children's and parents.
Thanks to parents,our local saahasam team  for their support towards Saahasam Trust.



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