Development Phases of Alturpadu school, Nellore


Phase-3 : Development

“The leader must have both – the courage to take the people to a daring destination and the humility to selflessly serve others on the journey.”.

Completed #1stDevPhase @ Alturpadu, Nellore. Delivered all basic needs .... Had a great time with parents and children's. we hope Saahasam Trust is going to bring tremandous change in educational environment of this school.. We would like to thank our alturpadu coordinator Keerthi Priya nellore coordinator Siva Koti Boddu and local Saahasam team members Muniprasad Kaligiri and Muni Gantepalli for their support.


Phase-1 : Visit and Interact

   #Phase_1 is completed @ our #8th Saahasam Trust adopted primary school #Aaltur_padu village nellore district ...
I think this visit is one of greatest period in my life... had a great time with all villagers and kids ... spent so much time in trible area ....had a great experience with each and everyone like villagers,parents and kids ...still Sahasam has to do many things .... I hope your best wishes always with us....



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