Development Phases of Rongalivanipalem, vizianagaram


Phase-3 : Development

Finally we have started our third phase ‪#‎Development‬ in our adopted government school at Rongalivani palem On this 15th August . On this occasion we have provided all needs which are requested by parents and school management. As a part of this we have given ‪#‎Saahasam‬ T-shirts for‪#‎SaahasamDay‬ events,competitive books,library books,globe,note books,pens,white board with basic stationary and mainly tutor for evening spatial classes ...etc and also we have organized independence day events in closed school in K..Chanduluru.
I would like to say thanks to each one in saahasam team for providing great contribution towards these needs.

Phase-2 : Analyse the needs

we have completed #Phase2 at our adopted school. Parents and school management requested some of needs which are required for students. We are going to provide all needs which are raised by parents.
Had a great time with all children's and parents.
Thanks to parents,our local saahasam team  for their support towards Saahasam Trust.


Phase-1 : Visit and Interact

We have completed our first stage "Visit" in June. Here we have interacted with parents,children's and teachers. We got some feedback from all parents and children's.

On that day we have decided to adopt that school. Parents accepted our request and they told us we wont send any one to private school again..

#HopeForTheBest #DareEnoughToServe



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