How We will Work

Chairman of Sahasam

1. School Adoption

2. Sahasam Program Designing

3. Interaction with Schools

4. Interaction with Mandal and District Educationl Departments

5. Coordination of all sahasam Departments

Administration Team
The administration is responsible for maintaining the financial record of the trust and to collect the funds every month.


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Legalisation Team
Legalisation team will take care of legal issues like 12A, 80G, trust renewal process etc.,


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Programme Management
The programme manager is responsible for the overall integrity and coherence of all the programmes, to ensure that all implemented activities are relevant to the mission and vision of the organization and to be the public face of the NGO

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Educational Programme Committee
The role of Educational programme committee is to design Educational Programmes like SPARKS, Science fair, online tests,

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PRO Team
PRO Team will with the interact with parents and tutors. They will monitor the progress of students.

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Fund Raising Team
Sahasam Fund Raising Team will work on Raising Funds. Ms. Keerthi Priya & Srikanth Suthapalli will work on this.
Sahasam Execution Team
Sahasam Execution Team will execute all sahasam activities at Village level. Mr. Chandra sekhar Meegada will lead this team.
Health Emergency Team
This team will plan integrated approach to arrange the required needs to the poor people in emergency situations like health emergencies, natural disasters. Mr. Anand Raju Kotyada will lead this team
Advising Team
Advising Team will give their valuable suggestions to the team