Programme Management & Social Awareness Team


           Madhuri Madasu

(Programme Manager & Head of   Social Awareness Team)


      Geethika Sriharikota

  (Coordinator of Sahasam Day  Events & Akshara Yagnam) 


      Vidyasagar M

            Event Organising Team


               Bhargavi M

         Event Organising Team

Role of Programme Manager & Head of Social Awareness Team

The programme manager is responsible for the overall integrity and coherence of all the programmes, to ensure that all implemented activities are relevant to the mission and vision of the organization and to be the public face of the NGO


1. Programme Manager is the spokesperson of sahasam

2. To track and record all the sahasam activities

3. To maintain dashboard of all tasks assigned to all departments

4. Maintaining communications with print & electronic media

5. planning and designing the programme and proactively monitoring its progress, resolving issues and initiating appropriate corrective action.

6. Coordinating with event management team in planning the events

7. Communicator between adopted school management & chairman of sahasam

8. To arrange and coordinate syncup's for all departments

9. To maintain all social media pages

10.coordinating with adopted school teachers to implement sahasam day events

Sahasam Day Events - To inculcate social awareness both in students & villagers 

What we learn in our school days leaves an indelible impact on our lives. During this stage of our life we form and reform views on the different aspects of life. We need to be prudent, when we think of social awareness for students. Such awareness could be promoted if it can motivate the student to think and act in favour of development and progress.

Along with academic studies students should be aware of social issues. It plays a very important role in shaping the behaviour of a person in society. Students are the future leaders of the country. Academic studies without adequate social awareness the youth cannot be the perfect leaders of tomorrow. Social awareness is important both for leaders and individuals in society.

The best phase in the life of a human is the student phase. It is a time when a person imagines, discovers and works out ways to make up his/her identity. Inculcating social awareness in this phase enables the students to depict societal conditions in a modern way that can efficiently challenge norms and modify perceptions of people. However, academic excellence is equally important as our country needs qualified persons in its course of development.

Sahasam Day event coordinator will design all the events

Sahasam Day Events which we have done:

1. Sahasam Social Awareness on Demonetisation - Done rally to bring awareness on new currency.

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2. Sahasam Jana Chaitanya Rally on Save girl child. 

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3.Sahasam Little Master's - Students taught their mothers how to sign.

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4. My House My Village - To inculcate social awareness in villagers.

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5. Sahasam Swatcha Bharath. 

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6. My Mother is My God - To inculcate respect on parents.

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7. Rally for Rivers - To bring awareness on depletion of Rivers.

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8. Our farmer our Agriculture - To inculcate respect on farmers and Agriculture.

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Role of Event Management Team

1. To organise sahasam team meet's

2. To plan any activitiy for social cause

3. To plan celebration events

Social Websites


1. Ms. Madhuri Madasu received special jury award “Mother Teresa Memorial Award” for contribution to all domains of services to SAHASAM TRUST in 2018.

2. Ms. Madhuri Madasu received “Saahasiyan 2019 Award” for brilliant job in sahasam official website development in the category of Sahasam Technical management

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