First step


Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world”.

Ganesh Machavarapu have initiated his first step towards his goal. He had a great moment in this Ugadhi vacation. Really, he had a wonderful, memorable and precious days in his life during that period. He met many people like parents, teachers and children’s in remote villages. He spent so much time with them, have learnt many things and moreover we had wonderful discussions about primary education in their villages.

After all those emotional moments one fine day he have decided and made a decision. He have started trust name called as Saahasam along with Rajavenu , Chandhra Sekhar, Madhu, Priya Dhasarath, Madhuri Madasu as members. From this trust, we want to improve government schools which are located in remote villages. On this aspect, we are going to reopen the schools which are closed due to lack of strength and also we are going to provide good education and facilities to those schools.

As a first step, we want to start in his own village chanduluru, lakkavarapukota, visakhapatnam. We held a meeting with students, asked what are the problems they are facing in the schools. They shared their problems, and we gave assurance, our trust is for you, and we try to solve the issues.

Really, we had a great response from the students and villagers. They told us, we want our school back. They trust our obligation. Their parents accepted to send their children to Government school only.

We met kola lalitha kumara(M.L.A), kolli venkataramana murthi(M.P.P) , karedla Eeswara Rao(member of Z.P.T.C), and demanded to reopen the schools, M.L.A reacted on this, and gave assurance to do required actions.



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