Fight For Closed Schools


Sahasam Trust struggling to reopen the closed government schools (Chandhuluru, K.Marlapalli) from 4 years. Initially, sahasam trust requested mandal level, district level educational departments and official public representives (MPP, ZPTC, MLA) to reopen the schools but couldnt make it happen because of regualtions of government. 

Students suffering alot to go to other schools as they are far and many of them discontinued and joined in private schools making huge burden on parents to afford.

As a part of NADU-NEDU programme state education ministry calls educational departments to submit the request letters to open any closed school in rationalisation if that school have enough strength. To utilise this opportunity Sahasam Trust requested mandal, district educational departments to reopen the chandhuluru , k. Marlapalli schools and provided required documents and assured if schools are reopened, sahasam trust will adopt and develop those.



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